The Hardest Battle In This Game Is Keeping The Bloodthirsty Crowd Happy



The French pixel artist who goes by the name “Pixelboy” is currently in production of a 2D brawler called Colosseum Fighter. It takes place inside a gladiatorial Roman colosseum where you must kill off all of you opponent’s reinforcements.


The video above gives an idea of how the game takes place. Take note of the number above the gates as this indicates how many more gladiators each team has before they run out and lose the match.



As you should also be able to see, it’s an appropriately gory game, with characters exploding into a mess of limbs and plasma when killed. And the game’s crowd pleasing system ensures that you’ll want to keep the blood flowing, too.


You’ll see at a few moments in the video that the crowd becomes bored, with images of sad faces and thumbs down gestures appearing in though bubbles. When this happens, a random event occurs to spice up the action – at one point a tiger is added to the colosseum, in another moment archers rain down arrows into the arena.



While these events should inflict more damage on the fighters it can also be used as an advantage. Obviously, you can push your enemy into one of the falling arrows, but also, when the tiger is slain, you can eat its meat to restore health.


Keep up with the development of Colosseum Fighter with Pixelboy’s #ColosseumFighter tag on his Tumblr.

Chris Priestman