The Hatsune Miku Alolan Vulpix Mashup Merchandise Will Include a Shirt and Accessories

hatsune miku pokemon alolan vulpix

The Hatsune Miku Pokemon key visuals and items for the 71st Sapporo Snow Festival have been revealed. As expected, there’s a wave of pastel accessories and decorations, all with a Snow Miku and Alolan Vulpix on them. In addition, the two extra pieces of art take a more chibi approach to the pairing, emphasizing the cuter sides of the two characters. These will be sold at booths at the Snow Festival Odori site between February 4-11, 2020.

In the Hatsune Miku Pokemon mashup, the Snow Miku is wearing a marching band outfit. She also carries a French horn in two of the designs. Vulpix wears the same matching cape in every one of them.

Nine different types of Hatsune Miku Pokemon items will be sold, as revealed on the official site. The most expensive item will be the ¥6,600, though the blanket could also end up being that since people could only earn one by playing a game. The least expensive items are the ¥400 clear file folders and the ¥550 pins. There are two different kinds of keychains for ¥800 and ¥1,100, with the one with glitter costing more. People could also grab a ¥1,100 luggage tag or ¥1,600 coin purse.

Here are the pictures of all the Snow Miku and Alolan Vulpix items.

The 71st Sapporo Snow Festival will be held February 4-11, 2020. Snow sculptures of both Snow Miku and Alolan Vulpix will be on display.

Jenni Lada
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