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The Judgment Demo Is Now Available Outside Of Japan




Back before Judgment was released in Japan, Sega released a demo that let people go through the game’s prologue. However, it didn’t make an appearance in other regions ahead of its worldwide debut. Now, people finally get a chance to try a Judgment demo before buying it, as it has made its PlayStation Store debut.


The Judgment demo is just under 15GB and is the first half hour or so of the game. People first get to see Takayuki Yagami back when he was an idealistic defense attorney and learn about the case they caused him to leave the firm and become a private investigator. We then get to see him on a case working alongside his partner, Masaharu Kaito.


In this tutorial case, the duo is tailing a detective who owes someone money and, since he was getting suspicious about Kaito, it is up Yagami to finish things up. You get to practice a number of his skills, as he has to do things like fight some street toughs, investigate and spot the suspect, and trail him without being noticed.


Judgment is available for the PlayStation 4. At the moment, it is 35% off on the PlayStation Store, bringing the price of a digital copy down to $38.99.

Jenni Lada
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