The Kidnapped Princess Has To Save Herself In This Upcoming RPG


An upcoming tactical RPG called A Princess To Save Me you play as the damsel in distress after her saviour fails to rescue her. It’s currently on Kickstarter where the creators are seeking $10,000 to hire artists and finish the game.


The idea is that Princess Amelia has to escape her captors and learn how to survive for herself in the game’s fantasy world in order to get home. There will be multiple endings to discover and plenty of plot branches to fuel your thoughts, apparently.


“The game is a conversation about vulnerability, love and a person’s perception of self,” say the creators. “What makes us helpless? What if the people we love want us to be this way so they can protect us, feel needed and appreciated? What if we were raised believing that we should not solve problems by ourselves, but ask for help instead? ”


As well as making decisions throughout the plot when encountering people you’ll be taking part in turn-based battles with a party of four in A Princess To Save Me.

Chris Priestman