The King Of Animals ‘15 Puts A Kitty Spin On The King Of Fighters



Japanese studio Nanoconnect has released its free-to-play mobile fighting game The King of Animals ‘15 on Google Play. It will be out on iOS at a later date.


As the title implies, the concept here is to bring an anthropomorphic spin to The King of Fighters series. Although, it should be said right away that The King of Animals certainly doesn’t compare to The King of Fighters beyond that, really.


Playing as a happy-looking kitten, you’re placed into a boxing ring against other animals, including a dog,  fox, and a monkey. You control the cat with a series of taps and swiped that correspond to attack, dodge, and special moves. As you progress, you’re able to customize the kitten’s play style, levelling it up and earning new abilities.

Chris Priestman