The King Of Fighters For Girls Otome Game Will Arrive In Summer 2019




    A new The King of Fighters dating sim has been revealed. The King of Fighters for Girls is an otome game headed to mobile devices in Summer 2019. In it, players get a chance to go through a visual novel style experience and get closer to iconic characters from the series. The official website and Twitter account are now open.


    In The King of Fighters for Girls, players follow a young woman who essentially finds herself destitute. Fortunately, she takes a job at the same gym where Kyo Kusanagi trains. Thanks to this chance meeting, you end up becoming a The King of Fighters tournament manager and interacting with a number of characters from the series.


    At the moment, the following fighters are confirmed to appear in The King of Fighters for Girls. They are divided up onto the Kyo Team, Terry Team, Ryo Team, K’ Team, and Shinseki Team. (Iori is on his own.)

    • Kyo Kusanagi
    • Nikaido Benimaru
    • Shingo Yabuki
    • Terry Bogard
    • Andy Bogard
    • Joe Higashi
    • Ryo Sakazaki
    • Robert Garcia
    • Bao
    • K’
    • Maxima
    • Nagi
    • Yomi
    • Billy Kane
    • Iori


    This is not the first The King of Fighters spin-off with dating elements. The Days of Memories series, which featured people getting a chance to connect with either male or female characters from The King of Fighters series, first appeared on phones in Japan in 2005. Three Days of Memories Nintendo DS games even appeared in Japan.


    Here is the first The King of Fighters for Girls trailer. The theme song, “King of Fire,” is performed by the voice actors for Kyo and Iori (Tomoaki Maeno and Takanori Hoshino).


    cg_maxima1 cg_nagi1 cg_robert1 cg_ryo1 cg_shingo1 cg_yomi1 cg_andy1 cg_bao1 cg_benimaru1 cg_billy1 cg_iori1 cg_joe1 cg_Kdash1 cg_kyo1


    The King of Fighters for Girls will be available on Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan in Summer 2019.

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