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The Land of No Night: Details On The Relationship Between The Two Girls



Gust’s next game is an action RPG titled Land of No Night, where we’ll see the tale of two girls and their untold love. We now have more details on the story behind these two girls, and what fate awaits them.




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A holy knight that serves the church. She touched the blood from the king of monsters, known as the “Lord of the Night,” and has become half human and half monster. She brings out a magic sword from the powers of her half-monster side’s “Bloodsucker” abilities to take on monsters known as Wicked Spirits.


At first glance, she may seem like a calm and quiet young lady, but she actually has a strong passion inside her.




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Rulitis is the young lady that was chosen to be a saint in the current generation. It has become her fate to seal the “Lord of Night” in exchange for her life. She’s been good friends with Arnath since their earlier days of living together at the boarding house. Rulitis also goes by “Ruru”.



The “saint” gives her own life in order to seal away the Lord of the Night, while the “holy knight” must protect the saint from  the Wicked Spirits, while safely guiding her to the Lord of the Night. Arnath has been dispatched to Le Soir Island, and it is where she will once again reunite with her friend Rulitis. This marks the first time they meet since leaving each other at the boarding house, and the two can’t contain their happiness.


However, their encounter isn’t a mere coincidence, as they are a holy knight and saint. Koei Tecmo say their bond will be torn apart. Will Arnath protect the life of her friend, or will she take the saint’s life to the Lord of the Night? That’s one of the questions that The Land of No Night will answer.


Land of No Night is slated for release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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