The Langrisser Mobile Kizuna System Lets You Build Relationships With Allies




Relationship systems aren’t new to the Langrisser series. Langrisser III was the first to introduce it, and the Nintendo 3DS release Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei allowed you to talk and form bonds with your allies. Langrisser Mobile follows in those traditions, though you won’t exactly be dating your units. Rather, it is a way to learn more about people, strengthen them, and unlock voice clips.


In Langrisser Mobile, new features and systems unlock as you reach various levels. The Kizuna system, which lets you begin building relationships with characters, showed up in level 23 in the early build I was playing. (As an aside, I reached level 31 when I wrote this, so everything I saw is covered up to that point.) Your goal is to play through Secret Realm Kizuna Realm maps to acquire items you can gift to units. You then gift them to characters in the Kizuna section to boost their affinity and unlock things. In the case of a SSR unit like Sherry, who I earned through completing tasks in an event taking place in the early build, I would be able to unlock Kizuna Power locks on a grid at certain intimacy levels that would increase the stats of her soldiers, boost her stats and participate in character-centric Gate of Fate missions. With units that fall under SR, like an R unit such as Jessica, I did not have the opportunity to unlock Gate of Fate missions. All characters get extra biography sections and voice clips unlocked by upping intimacy levels, and tapping any character in their Kizuna screen can be tapped to hear a line.




What I really appreciated was how the Langrisser Mobile Kizuna system, in the early build I played, seemed to focus on informing people about specific characters. Yes, there are Time Rift maps that take people through important battles from early Langrisser games. These provide a bit of background. But the Kizuna fights specifically focus on memories from specific characters, under the guise that reliving them helps restore the gaps in their knowledge caused by the summoning. For example, Sherry’s first map, “I am the Lead,” ends up turning Hein into a generic archer NPC because, well, we are seeing the fight through her eyes and he’s inconsequential to her. Completing these maps can give you crystals you can gift in Kizuna or pieces from characters to increase their power levels, as well as provide insight into who they are and why they matter. I like the extra effort these missions entailed.


But even just the general unlocking could be fun and helpful in the early build I played. The Life-time unlocks include the biography snippets and voice clips. The biography is a general history of the character, though most of the ones I saw were not filled with too many spoilers. It just trickle feeds you more details about people you might like. The voice clips aren’t all lovey-dovey or romantic. You can hear lines from battle, the quote from when one is summoned, clips from conversations, and interaction parts. Again, if someone is new to you, it might be helpful. If they are not, then you get to hear certain sound bites again.


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Putting effort into Kizuna is also important if you intend to use Matthew as a unit. While other characters gain their Kizuna Power bonuses from giving gifts directly to them to unlock intimacy levels, then apply earned items to unlock new levels of those powers, Matthew’s only levels up via cumulative levels with all other units. So to unlock the locks on his Kizuna Power grid, you need to hit certain plateaus. Which, in the early build I played ahead of the closed beta, wasn’t too difficult. This then boosted Matthew’s stats and army units.


Langrisser Mobile’s Kizuna system does offer the relationship building people might expect, but handles it in a way that it focuses more in increasing familiarity with units’ past, fills out biographies and sound libraries, and offers more methods to increase the strength of your soldiers and their armies. It can be downright educational, which people might appreciate since so many of the summoned units come from past games that people might not have played. In the build I played ahead of the closed beta, it seemed like the sort of element some people new and old to the series might appreciate.


Langrisser Mobile is currently in a closed beta phase. It is immediately available on Android and Apple iOS devices in some areas of Asia. It will be released worldwide in 2019.

Jenni Lada
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