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The Last of Us Part II Has Been Delayed To May 2020, One Month After Its Release Date Announcement


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Last month, Sony held a State of Play livestream in order to reveal the return of Joel and a February 21, 2020 release date, but exactly one month afterwards, the game has already been delayed further to May 29, 2020.


The confirmation came via the official PlayStation Blog, where The Last of Us Part II director Neil Druckmann revealed that the game simply needs more time to bring it up to quality, while they were closing out sections of the game. It was a choice between compromise and a delay, so they went with the delay in order to bring up quality while reducing development team stress.


“While we’re relieved that we won’t have to compromise our vision,” wrote Druckmann, “We’re disappointed that we weren’t able to avoid this exact situation. We wish we could’ve foreseen the amount of polish we needed, but the size and scope of this game got the better of us. We hate disappointing our fans and for that we’re sorry.”


Last month, we got a slight idea of how big the scope of the sequel is set to be, as the game is going to come on two Blu-Ray discs, as it couldn’t possibly fit on one. Additionally, the multiplayer was cut out in order to focus on the singleplayer story.


The Last of Us Part II will come to the PlayStation 4 on May 29, 2020.

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