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The Legend Of Dark Witch 2 Arrives In North America On 3DS


Inside System has released The Legend of Dark Witch 2 in North America for 3DS for $6.99. It should be coming to Europe in early 2016.


In this sequel to The Legend of the Dark Witch, Zizou Olympia investigates the nation known as Germa, which has declared war on neighbouring country Liana, and sent elite agents known as “Ich” over to infiltrate.


There are eight bosses to take down and earn their Technical Skill. New to this game is the Enforcement Slot which is a gauge that increased upon collecting Tres from fallen enemies. This can be redeemed for power-ups but decreases upon taking damage, while losing a life will remove all your enhancements.


Also new is revenge magic, which becomes available when the bar next to the life meter fills up after taking damage, letting you release an ultra attack if it fills up enough.


A Very Easy mode has also been added, more mini-games to play, and Tres can be spent on single-use items that restore health, save you from a pitfall death, or locate Pura Syega (invisible gems hidden inside strange platforms).

Chris Priestman