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The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki Re-Introduces the Crossbell Police Department


Falcom shared more information on The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki, the upcoming RPG which serves as “a hub that connects to all of the [Trails] series up until now.” Part of this involves further exploration into some characters’ stories that weren’t fully explored in Trails of Cold Steel IV, including that of the Crossbell State Police Department introduced this week. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Crossbell State Police Department Special Support Section

Due to the annexing of Crossbell by the Erebonian Empire, the Crossbell Police Department was re-organized into the Crossbell Military Police and the Special Support Division was effectively disbanded. Afterwards, thanks to Lloyd and the others, Crossbell was successfully liberated.

In order to maintain law and order, the Military Police force was immediately disbanded and reformed back into the Crossbell Police and Crossbell Guardian Force. Many former policemen and officers were able to return to duty.

Furthermore, during this process, the Special Support Section was once again established, with original members Lloyd, Elie, Tio, and Randy beginning their support activities once more.

Main Character Introductions

Lloyd Bannings (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

“Let’s do our best in order to protect the state and its citizens from here on out as well.”

(Screenshot) “Stop treating our kid here like she’s an object.”

The leader of the Special Support Section who solved many cases within Crossbell Province. A man who stands for hot-blooded justice and has an unyielding spirit.

After the annexation of Crossbell, he became a wanted fugitive and fled from pursuers along with the girl under the S.S.S.’s protection, KeA, and the A-rank bracer Arios, all while working underground to liberate Crossbell.

Afterwards, around two years and several months later, Crossbell was liberated, and Lloyd begins his work together with the original SSS members once again.

The citizens cheered for the reformation of the S.S.S., and Lloyd himself is also waiting for the signing ceremony for the re-declaration of independence. However…

Elie MacDowell (CV: Aya Endou)

“We’ve really been supported by all sorts of people along the way.”

(Screenshot) “Are you encouraging me because ‘It’s for the sake of Crossbell?'”

The talented deputy leader of the S.S.S. and the granddaughter of Henry MacDowell, the Crossbell City mayor.

After Crossbell’s annexation and dissolving of the S.S.S., she used her experience from studying abroad as a child and her political senses to search for a way to make Crossbell independent once more by contacting key members of the Empire and Reinford Group.

With the reinstatement of independence, she once again heads to the front lines alongside Lloyd as part of the S.S.S.. Currently, she helps the S.S.S. with support requests, while supporting her grandfather as a secretary in political negotiations.

Tio Plato (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

“We’ve managed to overcome two years of hardship, so we must be able to…!”

A member of the S.S.S., and the chief researcher of the Epstein Foundation’s Crossbell division.

After the annexation of Crossbell, she was put under surveillance by the Intelligence Division, but despite being limited in what she could do, she still secretly helped Lloyd and the others out.

During this process, she was able to get in contact with the old and new Class VII from the Empire, as well as technicians from the surrounding states, and became close friends with Alisa Reinford from the RF Group and an exchange student from Liberl, Tita Russell.

After the resurrection of the S.S.S., she returns as one of the original members. Furthermore, as a chief researcher, she is now working together with the Zeiss Central Factory and RF Group, and she is taking her first steps as an orbal energy researcher.

Randy Orlando (CV: Shinichiro Miki)

“I’ve seen it many times in the Empire… a group of people who walked a precarious path but found the light.”

(Screenshot) “Just wait, Mireille. I’ll definitely…”

The dependable big brother of the S.S.S., who was once part of the Red Constellation Jaeger corps.

After the annexation of Crossbell, he was torn away from his comrades as part of Rufus Alberea’s schemes and instated as an instructor at the Thors Branch Academy. He gained experience as an instructor in the Empire and formed close bonds with both the new and old Class VII members and many others.

With Crossbell on the way to becoming independent once more, Randy decides to return, as his term as instructor was completed.

Despite still having some longing for his work of raising the younger generation at the Branch Academy, he decides to return to Crossbell as a member of the S.S.S..

Noel Seeker (CV: Masumi Asano)

“I told you, didn’t I? We’re also members of the Special Support Section!”

The rising star of the Crossbell Guardian Force, who’s proficient in heavy firearms and driving vehicles.

For a while, she worked alongside the Special Support Section and solved many difficult incidents alongside Lloyd and the others.

During the Imperial annexation of Crossbell, she worked together with others in the Guardian Force in resistance activities and collected military information to relay to Lloyd and the others.

After the decision that Crossbell would once again become independent, she returned to the Crossbell Guardian Force and was promoted from sergeant major to third lieutenant.

With the re-declaration of independence signing ceremony coming soon, Noel now performs missions under the command of Commander Sonya.

Wazy Hemisphere (CV: Junko Minagawa)

“I’m lucky to be surrounded by excellent partners again and again.”

A mysterious young man who steals looks from many, due to his androgynous appearance. He’s also the 9th Dominion of the Gralsritter, known as Blue Testament.

In the past, he faked his identity and went undercover in Crossbell Old Town as the leader of the delinquent group Testaments. He also worked with Lloyd as an additional member of the S.S.S. on various incidents in Crossbell.

After Crossbell’s annexation, he went around many nations as part of the Gralsritter. With the Septian Church participating in the re-declaration of independence signing ceremony, he returns to Crossbell, a place with many memories for him, with his new partners.

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki  will release for the PlayStation 4 in Japan in Summer 2020. Check out more information on the game via an interview with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo.

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