The Legend of Heroes Rixia and Crow Figures Announced

The legend of Heroes Rixia Crow Figure

Rixia Mao and Crow Armbrust figures from The Legend of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie are on the way. Kotobukiya revealed that it is working with Nihon Falcom to develop figures of the two characters. There is no information on pricing, release dates, or what type of figure it will be. Furthermore, Kotobukiya is also selling two other scale figures of Legend of Heroes‘ Altina and Rean.

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Both Rixia and Crow have appeared in several The Legend of Heroes titles in the past, including multiple Trails of Cold Steel games. They are also playable characters in Trails Into Reverie. Rixia is a performing artist and successor of the Yin title. Crow first appears as a student at the Thors Military Academy. The figures will be based on their appearance in Trails Into Reverie. Notably, the announcement image also shows both characters wielding their main weapon of choice.

Kotobukiya is also selling two other figures of Altina Orion and Rean Schwarzer. Kotobukiya announced these figures in a similar fashion back in 2020. As the announcement illustrations closely resembled the final product, chances are that Rixia and Crow will also be the same. Both Rean and Altina are immediately available on the Sideshow official website. Rean will cost $200, while Altina will cost $150.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie Rixia and Crow figures are in development. There is no confirmed release date or pricing information.

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