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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Is A Blast From Link To The Past


I got to try The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds today and started right outside Link’s house. This game is a sequel to A Link to the Past and the field felt like a faithful recreation of that game. While this was my first time playing the game, I instinctively knew where Hyrule Castle was, and the way to the woods as well. Most of the field was blocked off though aside from a dungeon.


Link has his usual spin attack and can shoot energy from his sword when his life is full like in Zelda: Skyward Sword. Link also had a bow and mallet with him. You don’t need arrows in this game, as firing the bow drains a purple energy meter which recovers over time. The mallet also utilizes energy and so does the link’s ability to turn into a painting on a wall. As a painting, Link can walk across a wall and even over pits.


I got a feel for how this will be used in a dungeon level. The first room had a blue switch that turned blocks on and off. Hitting it opened a path forward but it was a dead end. The key to clearing this room is to use the mallet to hit the mole-like enemies which spring Link up to a platform. This brought Link to a higher ground, but he was on an island.  To move forward, I used the painting ability and walked along the wall to another platform with a door.


The mechanic of flattening Link to progress through the dungeon was a reoccurring theme and Nintendo used it in different ways. I stuck link to an upwards moving block to climb up the dungeon. Another part of the demo had a moving platform that pushed Link straight into a block. I quickly activated picture Link to stick to the wall and walk around the obstacle block.


The dungeon had its fair share of combat, too. I fought worms and the turtle-like enemies that were impervious to sword slashes until link used the hammer to knock then over. The main impression I got from my brief hands on is how much this feels like A Link to the Past aside from the graphical changes.

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