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The Little Battlers Wars Lets You Choose From 20 Different Protagonist Avatars


Unlike the anime version of The Little Battlers Wars, where Arata Sena is the protagonist who fights for the virtual nation of Jenock, Level-5’s upcoming 3DS version will allow players to choose their appearance from an impressive selection of 20 character avatars, and will be representing the virtual nation of Harness on the cardboard battlefield.


For the first time in The Little Battlers Wars series, you’ll get to select your own protagonist avatar out of the 20 featured characters below:



As previously mentioned, you will be part of the virtual nation known as Harness, which means you’ll be fighting against Arata and the others from Jenock, and will occasionally cooperate with them, too.


Here’s a look at three key LBXs that will be going wild in the Second World of The Little Battlers Wars, and will also be participating in The Little Battlers W Super Custom.



Val Sparos and Dot Phasor



Level-5 have also introduced a new system called the Multi-Gimmick Sack. It’s a special weapon that’s equipped on the back of LBXs, which also has transforming and fusing attributes.


The above is a look at the Dot Phasor and its equipped Z Shield. It has a sword and gun stored within it, which can be mixed up to a total of five different weapon combinations. Here’s a look at its different forms:


Z Sword



Z Rifle



Z Shooter



Z Hammer



Z Lance



In addition to the virtual nation of Harness, the great nation of the Aravista Alliance will also be participating in the cardboard battle field. They’re made of six allied forces, united for the single purpose of taking on the opposing Rosius nation. They seem to be trying to get Jenock to join their alliance, too.




Aravista Alliance commander Keith Jones and 19th platoon captain Musashi Hakuga.


19th platoon players, Aona Shinji and Akahoshi Kanji.


The above is a look at two Aravista Alliance LBXs, Vernel and Zirant. Their abilities are currently unkown.




This mysterious LBX known as Phantom has suddenly appeared on the battlefield of the Second World. Its origins are unknown, but it is said to be capable of hiding itself with an optic camouflage. It can even use its boosters as a laser weapon, making it quite the formidable unknown LBX.


The Little Battlers Wars is slated for release this Fall for Nintendo 3DS.

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