The Mechanical Girl In Cradle Comes To Life With Voice Acting



After a long time without much of an update, Ukrainian studio Flying Cafe for Semianimals has released a new video of its first-person science fiction game Cradle. It shows how the voice actors have brought the previously silent mechanical characters inside the game to life.


Flying Cafe added that it has finished recording the Russian and Ukrainian voice overs for Cradle and is now adding effects to them. It has also started work on the English voice overs for the game.


Cradle has been in development since 2012 and should, hopefully, be coming to Steam for PC this year. The team working on it is formed of previous employees of GSC Game World who were laid off when it went defunct in 2011.



The game starts with you inside a yurt among the Mongolian hills. Alongside you is a mechanical girl who needs you to restore the lost parts of her body. In searching the nearby grassy hills you meet other robots and discover the mystery of the abandoned theme park nearby.


You can see footage of Cradle from 2013 below. The idea is for it to have a dreamlike tone, plenty of enigmatic moments, and some puzzles among all the exploration and object interaction.  You can find out more about it on its website.


Chris Priestman