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The Moero Crystal H Dragon Maiden Is Incredible

dragon maiden moero crystal h

The thing about Genkai Tokki games is that they are designed in such a way that lots of characters can be useful. Depending on the class (underwear) you equip and time you invest, any monster girl could be a valuable asset to your party. But with Moero Crystal H, there’s one heroine who I’ve found completely goes above and beyond to make herself useful. Dragon Maiden seems like one of the best people you can recruit.

It’s a completely pleasant surprise, given exactly how early she can join your party. The Dragon Maiden is first encountered in the very first dungeon, Mochaotoy Town. However, you can tell she’s something special at a glance. Normally in Moero Crystal H, the monster girls you find on the map will be represented by pink icons. This one is purple and looks a bit angrier than usual. That hints that hey, she’s a little stronger than usual.

dragon maiden moero crystal h 1

This means fighting her is a bit of a challenge, as she’s a strong physical attacker (for the time). If you have someone with water-type skills, it will help, as she’s a fire-type and most of her outfit’s weak points are also water. (Her mask is the only one that isn’t, as wind attacks are more effective on it.) Once you incapacitate her and can start tapping on her to recruit her, that’s fairly simple too. Each of her weak points are obvious, so tapping on left foot, right hand, and tail will win her over.

Dragon Maiden is going to be your ideal physical attacker in Moero Crystal H. If you add her to your party, don’t try to mess around with magic or even defense. She is there to hit hard. Her base strength stat is 70 at level 7, with her second strongest one being magical defense at 27. (Basically, you know exactly what sort of potential berserker you’re getting right away.)

dragon maiden moero crystal h 2

Which means you want to get her Jazzy Eroticism clothing. In that first dungeon, you’ll encounter enemies called Honey Beans. They only appear on the deeper floors of the dungeon. They can drop that item. When this is equipped, her entire moveset revolves in making her and her allies hit as hard as possible. For example, at level 24 in-game, she had 179 ATK when wearing this. That was 51 points higher than my other two heavy hitters at the time, Leviathan in Coral Daisy and Nue in Bold Peony. (Both of them were at 128 before accessories.)

Once you have Jazzy Eroticism, everything comes together for the Dragon Maiden. This moveset is incredible for her and allies, and it even includes a skill to help her take care of herself. She learns Berserk, which boosts her attack and lowers her defense for three turns, and can eventually get Dragon Maiden Chakra that lets everyone with the same fire aura have increased attack stats. Blow Away damages every enemy on screen. And, in case that reduced defense is an issue, her Fire Gain will damage enemies and heal her.

dragon maiden moero crystal h 3

She also has these three auto skills, which work wonders for people who like to turn on auto-battle and let her tear through foes. (It is very helpful to just… let Dragon Maiden decimate all of your general Moero Crystal H opponents for you.)

  • Adrenaline Rush: Greatly boosts ATK when HP is below 25%.
  • Swift Attack: Boosts movement speed after using a skill.
  • Triple Attack: Adds slight chance of normal attack being 3x as powerful.

Each one of these combines to make her even more lethal. Even if you don’t want to waste what little SP she has on skills, you can rely on Adrenaline Rush and Triple Attack to make a difference.

Basically, if there’s one monster girl you should watch out for in Moero Crystal H, it should be the Dragon Maiden. You can stumble across her early in the game, giving you an ally who could honestly stick with your party into the post-game if you wanted her too. She’s someone who can hang around and be relied on for attacks without having to worry about her SP. And, given that Fire Gain damages and heals, it lets you have your supportive party members focus on other characters.

Moero Crystal H is available for the Nintendo Switch worldwide. It also appeared on the PlayStation Vita in Asia.

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