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The Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga Figure May Spike Your Interest With Its Latest Look

Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga

Monster Hunter‘s Swift Wyvern Nargacuga is getting a high-quality action figure from Bandai Spirits. The latest photos of the Nargacuga figure focuses on its high posability.

Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga

Tamashii Nations says the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga’s defining trait is its incredible posability. It has joints from its head to the tip of its tail, making it possible to put it in a number of menacing poses from the game.

Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga

The above image gives us a close up at its head. The jaw is hinged to open and close so you can make Nargacuga look like it is roaring.

Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga

The forelegs can also spread from 60° to about 180° open. This makes it possible to switch between active hunting and sleeping poses for the Nargacuga.

Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga

You can also open and close the arm blades. The spline isn’t normally visible, but you can bring them out to replicate Nargacuga’s menacing strike.

Monster Hunter S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga

The above image gives us a closer look at the back, where we can see the two points of articulation on its torso. This allows for more realistic “animalistic” poses.

Nargacuga sleeping

The Nargacua figure also looks pretty damn adorable in its sleeping pose.

The many different parts of Nargacuga’s limbs makes it possible to capture all kinds of situations. You can even put it into its feline-like poses that it is known for.  Get a closer look below:

Lastly, an extra first-release bonus Hunter figure will come included with the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga.

When displayed alongside the Nargacuga figure, it will give you a better sense of scale and immersion. In the next update, we’ll learn more about the accessories includes with the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga action figure.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Check our previous report to see the most hunted and least hunted monsters.

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