The Monsters Of Philippine Folklore Will Haunt You In Nightfall



Philippine-based studio Zeenoh Games is making a survival horror game filled with the ghouls and witches of its country’s folklore. It’s called Nightfall and is currently on Steam Greenlight.


Playing in a first-person view, you take on the role of a journalist called Ara as she investigates a haunted house in Northern Luzon, Philippines, where many people have gone missing. Ara is specifically interested in finding out what happened to the family that previously lived there in what is described as a tragic love story.


As you venture through the dark mazelike house, you’ll have to be careful not to make one false move as it could mean the end of Ara’s life. Luckily, there are checkpoints for you to return to if you are killed. What you’ll be killed by is perhaps the most interesting part of the game.


As with Indonesian horror game DreadOut, Nightfall is full of demons and ghosts from the studio’s own country which, in this case, is the Philippines. That means you can expect to encounter entities such as the White Lady (a ghost betrayed by her family), Aswang (a vampire-like witch ghoul), and Manananggal (a man-eating witch).


As you can see in the pre-alpha footage, Nightfall needs a lot of improvements yet, but Zeenoh Games is taking on feedback and making changes in preparation for the game’s expected release in late 2015.

Chris Priestman