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The Most Iconic Mega Man Classic Weapons of All Time

Mega Man is possibly most well known for his ability to take Robot Master weapons after defeating them. Mega Man used over 90 weapons in the mainline classic series, but not all were created equal.

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Weapons are a defining feature of the classic Mega Man games, each adding unique abilities and strategies to the gameplay. We’re not just talking about the best weapons though. While some weapons are praised for their utility, others are remembered for their quirks or infamous difficulty to use.

Here’s a look at the most iconic weapons from the series, based on their impact, utility, and memorable exploits.

Most memorable Mega Man Classic weapons

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  • Black Hole Bomb: Galaxy Man provides Mega Man with a powerful weapon. It creates a black hole that pulls in and damages enemies, making it useful for crowd control. The strategic deployment of this weapon adds depth to its use, allowing players to clear difficult sections more easily.
  • Gemini Laser: A unique weapon obtained from Gemini Man. It fires a laser that bounces off walls, creating opportunities to hit enemies multiple times or from unexpected angles. Despite its slow firing rate and potential to miss fast-moving targets, it’s memorable for its ricocheting mechanics.
  • Gravity Hold: Gravity Man’s weapon of choice. It affects all enemies on the screen, lifting them off the ground and damaging or destroying them. This weapon’s ability to clear the screen makes it very useful, especially in areas with many smaller enemies. Only a handful of Mega Man weapons can clear an entire room, which makes this one notable.
  • Hornet Chaser: A fun little weapon acquired from Hornet Man. It releases small hornet robots that home in on enemies or items, making it excellent for hitting targets that are hard to reach or for collecting items without needing to jump or maneuver. The appeal here is similar to Search Snake. It’s just fun to shoot bees at people.
  • Metal Blade: Arguably the most famous weapon in the series. Metal Man’s weapon can fire in eight directions and is fast. Metal Blade also has a very low energy consumption, allowing for nonstop use. Its power and versatility make it a fan favorite, and it’s known for being effective against multiple bosses, including defeating Metal Man himself in one hit.
  • The Pile Driver: A high-speed dash attack obtained from Impact Man. It allows Mega Man to charge forward quickly, damaging enemies and breaking through barriers. This weapon is notable for its speed and versatility in both combat and navigation. Immediately memorable in Mega Man 11 for its heavy use in the games speedrun.
  • Search Snake: Acquired from Snake Man in Mega Man 3, the Search Snake releases small, snake-like projectiles that crawl along the ground and walls. This weapon is particularly useful for hitting enemies that are low to the ground or in hard-to-reach places. It’s also one of the few opportunities in gaming to toss snakes at enemies.
  • Thunder Beam: A versatile and powerful weapon acquired from Elec Man. It shoots in three directions simultaneously making it extremely useful for clearing out enemies. Its legacy though comes from the pause glitch. Repeatedly pausing the game reset bosses invulnerability frames, making this weapon hit multiple times per shot. Particularly useful to get a quick kill on Yellow Devil .
  • Time Stopper: Flash Man’s weapon allows Mega Man to freeze time momentarily. It was the first Mega Man weapon to allow you to freeze time. This can be particularly useful for bypassing dangerous obstacles or avoiding difficult enemy attacks. It’s also memorable for stopping the notoriously difficult lasers in Quick Man’s stage.
  • Top Spin: The Top Spin, also from Mega Man 3, is infamous for its inconsistent performance. Obtained from Top Man, it requires Mega Man to spin into enemies, which can be difficult to control and often leads to taking more damage than you deal. Its unpredictable nature makes it memorable for being one of the least reliable weapons in the series.
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