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The New Genshin Impact Yanfei Trailer Shows Off Her ‘Legal Brilliance’

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miHoYo shared the Yanfei Collected Miscellany Genshin Impact trailer. These videos are more intensive looks at new characters as they’re added to the game. Dainsleif, aka Yuri Lowenthal, narrates each one and goes over a bit of the character’s background while showing practical applications of their skills in battle.

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As shown in her launch footage, Yanfei is a Pyro catalyst user. This essentially means that she’s a fire mage. She also has a unique mechanic that involves Scarlet Seals. When she attacks with normal or Elemental abilities, she can accrue these seals. These will reduce her stamina costs while she is around, allowing her to deal charged attacks more often. (Her charged attacks do Pyro damage to an area around the enemy.) Her Signed Edict Elemental Skill unleashes a Pyro AOE blast and maxes out her seals. Meanwhile, her Done Deal Elemental Burst again does AOE Pyro damage, maxes out her seals, and briefly increases her normal charged attack damage with Brilliance.

Yanfei also has the same sort of Utility Passive ability as another Liyue character, Qiqi. If you have her in your party, you’ll see hands on your minimap showing Liyue-specific resources nearby that you can gather.

Here’s the full Yanfei: Blaze of Legal Brilliance Collected Miscellany Genshin Impact trailer.

People will have a higher chance of getting Yanfei through the Zhongli rerun banner until May 18, 2021.

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