The New Pokemon Anime Shows Ash And Go Touring The World In Search Of Pokemon


ash go 1

Over the past few days, the official Twitter for the Pokemon anime has been releasing new key visuals by various illustrators which are themed around one of the episodes. These key visuals show off Ash, Go, and sometimes just Pokemon, in various places across the Pokemon world.


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Check them out below:

Ep 1: Pikachu is born!

pokemon new anime 1

Drawn by: Atsuko Nishida


Ep 2: Ash and Go For A Ride!

pokemon new anime 2

Drawn by: Hyogonosuke


Ep 5: A giant Snorlax?! The mystery of Dynamax!

pokemon new anime 3

Drawn by: Hyogonosuke


Ep 3: Isn’t Bulbasaur mysterious?

pokemon new anime 4

Drawn by: Hitoshi Ariga


Ep 8: Don’t lose, Piplup! A rapids race in Sinnoh!

pokemon new anime 5

Drawn by: Hitoshi Ariga


Ep 6: Catching a lot of Pokemon! The path to Mew!

pokemon new anime 6

Drawn by: Naoki Saitou


Ep 9: The promise made that day! The legend of Ho-oh!

pokemon new anime 7

Drawn by: Naoki Saitou


The new Pokemon anime series will begin airing in Japan on November 17, 2019.

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