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The Next Penelope Is Still Heading To Consoles, Wii U Being Prioritized


After coming out for PC back in May 2015 not much has been heard regarding futuristic combat-racer The Next Penelope. That might not be too unusual, except solo creator Aurelien Regard had talked about a Wii U version, so what happened to it?


In a recent post-mortem of the game, Regard addressed that Wii U version, saying that it hasn’t happened already due to the HTML5 upon which Construct 2 – the game engine he used – is based in. It made it difficult to port The Last Penelope to other platforms.


However, he is now able to announce that Blitworks is working on the ports of The Last Penelope, with the Wii U version being priority, and other consoles hopefully coming after.


Blitworks is the studio that also ported the likes of Fez, Jet Set Radio, Spelunky, Don’t Starve, Bastion, Olli Olli, Super Meat Boy, and Crypt of the Necrodancer. So The Last Penelope is seemingly in good hands.

Chris Priestman