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The Next Splatoon 2 Splatfest For North America Is A Battle Of Fork vs. Spoon



Splatoon 2’s next Splatfest for North America has been data-mined, and it asks players to choose between Team Fork and Team Spoon.


While it has yet to be officially announced, we can expect to hear about it later this evening at 9:00pm. As for the Splatfest, it starts on August 24 at 10:00pm and ends August 25 at 10:00pm. The results will be announced on August 26, 2018 at 12:00am. Unfortunately we don’t have the proper time zone, so we’ll have to wait a bit on that.


Japan recently had their Mushroom Mountain vs. Bamboo Shoot Village Splatfest while Europe had their own with a holiday adventure vs. relaxation.


Splatoon 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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