The Nintendo Wii U’s Lost Reavers Will Be Lost Forever On May 30, 2019




The free-to-play, online multiplayer game Lost Reavers is ending its run. Bandai Namco announced on Twitter that the game will be shutting down on May 30, 2019. Since it is an online-only Nintendo Wii U game, it will be completely unplayable after that date.


While Lost Reavers is free-to-play, people can purchase in-game items to help on their adventures. Those can be bought until March 28, 2019. At that point, the in-game purchases will end, though anything people have purchased up until that point can be used as long as the game is available.


In Lost Reavers, players would pick Dwayne, Sayuri, ShadowStalker, or Victoria as their Relic hunter. Working with a group of four, you would go through an area searching for the Relic and completing missions. One person would be responsible for carrying the Relic as the group moved through the area, while the other three would have to face threats to them, like giant bosses. It was also possible to get different weapons or use purchased items to help accomplish goals.


In case you missed it, here is a Lost Reavers trailer.



Lost Reavers first launched in Japan for the Nintendo Wii U in December 2015. It was later released worldwide in April 2016.

Jenni Lada
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