The Opoona Series Shows Signs Of A Possible New Development


The ArtePiazza-developed Wii game Opoona released in November 2007 by Koei. Now that its 10th anniversary has passed, a new Twitter account has gone live with signs of a possible new development. [Thanks, Gamestalk.]


While there hasn’t been any official announcements, the Twitter account is being followed ArtePiazza as well as the company’s very own Sachiko Sugimura who worked on the scenario and game design for the original Opoona.


The first tweet had the following message:


“Greetings, people of planet Earth.

My name is Opoona.


The first time I met you folks at Earth was in November 1, 2007 when my family crash-landed on planet Landroll.


Aging a year for us Tizians is about 10 years of Earth time, so I am now 13-years-old.”


Furthermore, Sugimura-san teased a “wonderful announcement” for Opoona for its 10th anniversary last year, and asked fans to wait just a little longer, but there hasn’t been anything since then. Perhaps the wait is almost done for something new with Opoona.


Opoona released in Japan in November 2007 for Wii. It followed with a North American release in March 2008 and Europe in September 2008.

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