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The Other Witches In The Witch And The Hundred Knights Are Just As Eccentric


We recently got a look at Metallica’s quirky companions in The Witch and the Hundred Knights, which included insolent subordinates and a faithful Dog Princess. Famitsu reports on an event known as the “Walpurgis Night”, which gathers the most talented witches from around the world, who’ll be giving Metallica a run for her money in skills and attitude.


In the world of The Witch and the Hundred Knights, there’s an annual meeting called the Walpurgis Night, where the most talented witches gather to discuss various affairs. The gathering is said to last 7 days and 7 nights, and it comes to an end when the rooster is heard on the last morning. This time around, the event will be taking place in the midst of the Hundred Knight’s adventures.


These witches are masters of their own unique magic. Not only are they unique individuals for their talents, but also for their personality, speech and behavior, which often results in days of conflict and arguments. Nezaria the Fog Witch is the chairwoman of the committee and is respected by all the witches.


All the witches with different personalities and backgrounds will be gathering at this year’s Walpurgis Night. Will they be able to have a proper meeting, or will Nezaria have to lay down the law as usual? Here’s a look at a few witches and some of their apprentices who’ll be attending the event.




Purplepeel the Dust Witch is a middle-aged witch from the southern regions, who excels at sand magic and also boasts physical strength from rather large muscles. She has a daring personality and usually doesn’t hesitate to speak out. She is Labi’s master but she seems to have some trouble with her disciple.


Labri Lalua-La


Labri the Flame Witch is Purplepeel’s disciple, and often goes by her nickname “Labi”. She possesses rich magical powers, and can be vulgar regardless of her cute appearance. She’s a highly belligerent young girl who sticks her nose into other people’s business and doesn’t differentiate between right and wrong when something seems interesting to her. She can usually be seen with her rabbit doll.




Velda the Lye Witch is a skilled sorceress and also one of the more calm and quiet ones. She is a serious character and has the behavior of something like an honor student. Labi seems to completely look down on her. Velda is Teressa’s master.




Teressa is Velda’s apprentice witch, who aims to become an official one. She’s a trouble-maker witch who follows Metallica around with some sort of unknown motive.




Lieubens the Pumpkin Witch has extensive knowledge on history and magic, who seems to have a pessimistic view on life. Her body is full of various patchwork and stitches.




Lillianne the Ice Witch lives in a region covered in ice and snow, and goes by the nickname “Lily”. She’s a feminist who is rather considerate of those around her. She has a cool personality but can also get heated up when something passionate is involved.


We previously reported the Hundred Knight’s three weapons: Sword, Mallet and Spear, as part of the Tactical Conversion system that allows him to hold up to five different weapons, allowing you to come up with your own combos. Here’s a look at a couple more weapons he’ll be using:


Magic Torch


The Magic Torch is a torch that has been enhanced with magic, which can be shot out of the weapon. It is a simple and easy-to-use weapon that shoots homing magic shots. In close-ranged combat, it can be used as a blunt weapon, which knocks back enemies, making it easier to use its more powerful magic attacks. Knowing how to use it as part of a combo will be the key factor for the Magic Torch.


Double-Bladed Staff


The Double-Bladed Staff is an excellent weapon for attacking enemies in a circular range around the Hundred Knights. With this weapon, you’ll be cutting up enemies around you with multiple attacks in what looks like an elegant blade dance.


Witch Soldiers


The world is full of different creatures living in various areas, who all act according to their emotions. Some of them may attack the Hundred Knights out of anger, while others may attack in fear. However, out of all these creatures, there are some that were born from magical powers. These are called Witch Soldiers. They come in different shapes and sizes but are often characterized by their dark appearance.


The Witch Soldiers don’t have emotions, knowledge or even a soul, and quietly act according to orders given by their witches. There are many Witch Soldiers that can be seen wandering around aimlessly. They are usually harmless, but whenever a person or creature with magical powers approaches, such as the Hundred Knights, it will react in a brutal manner. Misreading their movements can be fatal for our little knight.


The Witch and the Hundred Knights is slated to be released on July 25th in Japan in regular and limited editions, for PlayStation 3.

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