The Petite But Powerful Aimon Race Joins MMORPG SEVENCORE



The team behind South Korean free-to-play MMORPG SEVENCORE has revealed the upcoming Aimon race with a video that also sees them performing their “cute dance.”


The Aimon are described as being a “peaceful race of humanoids from the Eastern Continent of SEVERNCORE.” Due to being so small they’re often underestimated on the battlefield. But, apparently, they shouldn’t be so easily overlooked.


Their first passive skill allows them to recover 5% of their HP every five seconds when out of battle. The second passive skill gives a 3% energy increase to their mount.


The Aimon race is being introduced to SEVENCORE on the English and Spanish servers today. There will also be an event held to celebrate the new arrivals. More information is available here.

Chris Priestman