The Pioneers: Ted Woolsey. A Worthy Read.


    suicide6.gifSome of you may not know who Ted Woolsey is; but to those of us who’ve come to love Final Fantasy VI (III at the time it was released here in the States), Ted Woolsey is better known as the man who translated Final Fantasy VI into English in 30 days and, until the release of Final Fantasy VI Advance with an enhanced script that manages to blend in both Woolsey’s translation and the original Japanese dialogue into one beautiful new translation, provided many of us with a literary experience we’ll never forget…if you’d like to call reading the text a literary experience.

    Square-Haven has an interesting piece on Ted Woolsey titled The Pioneers: Ted Woolsey that pretty much talks about Ted Woolsey and the many translations he’s done for Square and the problems he encountered while doing so. If you’re interested in learning a little more about the way Woolsey went about localizing some of the greatest games you’ve ever played in the 16-bit days from Squaresoft (Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger anyone?), then you should really check this piece out.


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