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‘The Pokemon Inside My Heart’ Pokemon X Hatsune Miku Song Released

The Vocaloid producer PinocchioP has released a new Hatsune Miku song in collaboration with the Pokemon Company for Project Voltage. The single, titled “The Pokemon Inside My Heart,” is a sentimental recalling of his time with the Pokemon he cherished from his time playing the games.

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The animated music video walks us through the speaker’s experiences playing Pokemon games on the Game Boy. Many of the original 151 Pokemon are featured in the song as his experiences are recounted. The lyrics reflect on the joyful impact the Pokemon has had on his life and how he won’t take that for granted, regardless of whether they are popular or not.

The song also features classic Pokemon sound effects and background music as samples. Miku can be heard singing along to the Pokemon Center theme near the end of the track.

Watch the animated music video and listen to the new Pokemon X Hatsune Miku song below:

The Pokemon Inside My Heart was also uploaded to the Project Voltage official social media account and website, where you can check out the other Pokemon X Hatsune Miku singles. Producers like DECO*27, Mitchie M, and Inabakumori have made songs for the collaboration. The site also features 18 different Pokemon trainer Hatsune Miku designs recently released for the project.

Like many of the other producers chosen for the project, Pinocchio-P has been making Vocaloid music for over a decade. Some of his most popular songs include “God-ish” and “Reincarnation Apple.”

The Pokemon Inside My Heart is the fourth song released for Project Voltage. In total, 18 different producers will make songs for the Hatsune Miku and Pokemon collaboration project. It was also announced today that 18 more Pokemon X Hatsune Miku designs drawn by Vocaloid artists would be released over the next few months. The following four producers to participate in the project will be announced in late November 2023.

Project Voltage will continue throughout fall 2023.

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