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The Protagonist Of Toren Grows From A Child To A Young Woman As You Play



Brazilian indie studio Swordtales has announced that its dark fantasy action-adventure game Toren will be out for PlayStation 4 and PC on May 12th.


In Toren, you play as Moonchild as she climbs the titular solitary tower to find her purpose. In the video above, this is indicated to be slaying a black dragon. Ascending the tower requires puzzle solving, platforming, and combat skills.



As you do climb the tower, the Moonchild will grow from an infant to a young woman, the Tree of Life at the tower’s center will also grow alongside her. With each new phase of her coming-of-age, the Moonchild will learn new abilities, adding to the game’s mechanics.


Toren has previously won awards for its art design and original score. You can find out more about Toren on its website and Steam page.

Chris Priestman