The Queen Of The Undead Invades Action-RPG Kritika’s Mobile Version


Gamevil’s latest update for the mobile version of action-RPG Kritika adds the Blood Demon class (thanks MMOCulture).


The Blood Demon is also known as Queen of the Undead and she can be as nasty as that title implies. She drains the life force of her enemies in order to strengthen her own abilities.


She also has plenty of other dark magic skills to make use of, as you can read below:


• Wall of Blood: Creates a sturdy wall and thrusts out the surrounding enemy

• Crimson Thornbush: Controls the surrounding enemy’s energy and attacks by creating a sharp thornbush

• Storm of Blood: Intensifies the surrounding energy and releases it in the air, stunning all enemies in the attacking range

• Bloodthirsty Spear: Uses her spear to gather enemies and inflict severe damage

• Starved Servant’s Feast: Summons bats while soaring up in the air. Bats then attack nearby enemies

• Wind of Blood: Controls the surrounding enemy’s energy and attacks by blasting a powerful force


You can get Kritika: The White Knights along with this latest update for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Chris Priestman