The Record Of Lodoss War MMO Is Launching In Early 2016



After its announcement back in 2013 and a canned alpha test soon after you may have been worried (or completely forgot) about the upcoming Record of Lodoss War Online. But new information in the latest Famitsu has revealed that it’s expected to launch in Japan in early 2016 (thanks RocketNews).


It was producer Shinji Goda and brand manager Hitoshi Kato that revealed developer L&K Logic Korea and publisher GameOn’s plans in an interview. Seemingly confirming this news, the Record of Lodoss War Online teaser website recently kicked back into action with more information about the game.


It’ll be based on the Gray Witch arc of the manga series but content updates will push events further along in the story. You’ll be able to play as Esquires (knights), Oracles (priests), and Magic Users as per the original series too.


What you won’t be able to do is play as any of the anime’s main stars but you will get to see them in the game as NPCs, including Parn, Deedlit, Etoh, and Ghim.

Chris Priestman