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The Robed Figure From Journey Brings A Little More Grace To Super Time Force Ultra



Capy Games has announced two new characters that’ll be playable in its time-travelling explosion-filled action-platformer Super Time Force Ultra when it hits PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita soon.


The first is the robed figure from thatgamecompany’s Journey. What’s interesting about this character is its non-violence. Most other characters in the game wield weapons, especially guns, that wrought destruction and explosions. The figure from Journey not so much. It uses a flurry of scarves to attack enemies while gently gliding from platform to platform. It’s almost a pacifist character—almost, which would be the opposite of the rest of the game—offering a unique way to play it.


The second character fits in with the rest of the character roster. It’s Sir Galahad of The Order: 1886. He has a Luger pistol and an arc rifle to deliver electric jolts that’ll light up levels.



Oh, and if you missed the announcement last year, President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is also a playable character in Super Time Force Ultra. He gathers the two new characters in the announcement trailer above. You can also see him firing his weaponized smartphone in the video, blasting kindness around with love heart emotions and positive tweet rockets.

Chris Priestman