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The Sega Ages Wonder Boy In Monster Land Will Include A Money Hungry Mode




Sega has opened up the website for Sega Ages Wonder Boy in Monster Land, revealing all sorts of details about the upcoming action-RPG. In addition to a vague “coming soon” release window, we’ve learned there are going to be two new features included in this release that will have an impact on the amount of gold you can earn in-game. One will make it harder to get money, while the other will make it easier. 


The more restrictive mode is called Money Hungry Mode. When this is turned on, a technique known as joystick waggling can’t be used. In the original release, you could sometimes come upon special spots in-game that give you coins or bags of gold. If you would quickly move the joystick left and right, you could get a lot more than normal. Money Hungry Mode turns off that feature and adds leaderboards that let you see who has earned the most in this more limited mode.


For people who want more money, there will be a new button present in Sega Ages Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Instead of having to wiggle the Nintendo Switch joystick to get more money at the secret spots, people can press a single button. This will be a designated joystick waggle button. This button will do nothing in Money Hungry Mode.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land originally appeared in arcades in 1987, before heading to systems like the Sega Master System, Famicom (NES), and PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16). It follows Wonder Boy as he goes through Monster Land and attempts to save everyone from the MEKA Dragon and its minions.


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Sega Ages Wonder Boy in Monster Land is “coming soon” to the Nintendo Switch in Japan. It will cost 925円. A worldwide release window has not yet been announced, however Sega Ages games cost $7.99 outside of Japan.

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