The Sequel To Sonic Dash Has Been Given A Sonic Boom Makeover



Sega has soft-launched endless runner sequel Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom on Google Play for Android players. (Note that it being soft-launched means it’s only available in certain countries for now).


As that title reveals, this sequel sees Sonic Dash getting a complete Sonic Boom makeover. That includes Sonic with that scarf, buffed up Knuckles, as well as Tails, Amy, and Sticks.


This time you can play as three characters at once in the Team Play mode, switching them during runs in order to make use of their various abilities – Amy slams her Hammer, Knuckle’s uses a “Jump Up & Slam” attack, while Sonic uses a Dash move to go even faster. Collecting magic Sprites allows you to upgrade the characters.


There’s also an Enerbeam that, when used, switches you to tilt controls as you swing your character through the air.

Chris Priestman