The Splatoon Inkling Girl Figma Are Now Available For Pre-Order

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The Splatoon Twitter and Good Smile Company announced that the Inkling Girl figma is now available for pre-order, up until November 28, 2018.


The Inkling Girl figma comes in two variations – the standard one has the look from the original Splatoon, and comes with a Splattershot, an Ink Tank, a pair of headphones, and an ink spray effect. The DX version comes with all the above plus a second Inkling Girl figma based on the cover of Splatoon 2, two Inkling Squids, a pair of Splat Dualies, a knit cap, a cap, an Ink Roller, and a Burst Bomb.


Good Smile Company has put up a special page for the DX version of the figma, which you can find here. The details are below:

splatoon figma 8


The Inkling Girl figma is very flexible, so you can recreate the various poses from the game. You can even tilt the ink in the ink tank to match the pose.


splatoon figma 2


Inklings are fashionable, and you can swap out the style and clothes of the Inkling Girls to match.


splatoon figma 3


The Inkling Girl figma has been made to be very detailed, such as with the knit cap, and the clear parts used for the ink tank. The shoes can be made to bend so you can make a pose of the Inkling Girls running.


splatoon figma 4


The Inkling Girl figma uses moveable eyeballs that let you change the direction of where they are looking in order to match up with the pose.


splatoon figma 5


One of the major part of the Inklings’ design are their glossy-looking hair, and this has been replicated with a coat of clear paint that adds a layer of gloss for extra authenticity.


splatoon figma 6


The Splat Roller can be made to change from a vertical folded look to the horizontal look, in order to recreate the vertical flick action added in Splatoon 2.


splatoon figma 7


The DX version not only has two Inkling Girl figmas, but also two Squids, extra Gear, effect parts, and ink effect sheets to use as a base, adding to the variety of what you can do with the figma.


The pre-order page for the regular Inkling Girl figma can be found here, costing 5,800 yen (around $52), while the page for the Inkling Girl figma DX Edition can be found here, costing 12,800 yen (around $115).


Splatoon 2 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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