The Starry Midnight We Make Combines Visual Novel And Celestial Growth Simulation



Japanese studio Cavyhouse combines visual novel with celestial growth simulation and puzzle elements in its latest game The Starry Midnight We Make.


Set in the early 20th century, it has you following Hamomoru Tachibana, who creates celestial objects using the mysterious Star-seeing Basin, which is a device that makes it possible to grow stars and a model of the night sky using pebbles.



But Tachibana isn’t able to do this alone. As she lost her money while on her vacation in Kyoto, Tachibana ends up seeking help with lodgings during her stay. She finds this in a student of the sciences called Chuuya Shingoh. Tachibana helps him out with his research while he supports her as she experiments with the Star-seeing Basin.


“According to Chuuya, the stars created in the Basin may be able to influence the rest of the city in a manner similar to what is often described in onmyou divination,” the game’s description reads. “To confirm this, Hamomoru and Chuuya shall walk the streets of Kyoto, all while creating stars within the Star-seeing Basin…”




The Starry Midnight We Make is available to purchase on Steam right now for Windows. There’s also a free demo that you can download from its website.

Chris Priestman