The Summer Adventure Games Bundle Is Pretty Much the Telltale Bundle

Summer Adventure Games Bundle

Sure, calling this new game bundle the “Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle” is technically correct. It’s summer in certain parts of the world, every game in it is an adventure game, and it’s being run by Humble, a company that is applying the pay-what-you-like model as usual. And yet, going by the games actually on offer, one could get away with calling it the “Telltale Plus Two.”

That said, there’s plenty of value to be had from the Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle. The first tier alone promises plenty of story-focused play, offering the full first season of The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: 400 Days (an interlude linking the first and second seasons), Batman: The Enemy Within (the second season of Batman: The Telltale Series, and Oxenfree. Develped by Night School Studio, Oxenfree blends reactivity and conversation with a supernatural thriller about a group of teens that opens a portal to the afterlife on an old island.

The next tier of the Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle is all Telltale, offering the second season of The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: Michonne, the “Shadows Mode” visual modification for Batman: The Enemy Within (it turns the game black-and-white, basically), and the first season of The Wolf Among Us. Based on the Fable comic series, The Wolf Among Us stars Bigby Wolf and features the adventures of characters from fairy tales and myths living undercover in modern-day New York. A second season of The Wolf Among Us was announced in December 2019, after the then-defunct Telltale Games was acquired by its current parent company, LCG Entertainment.

The final tier of the Summer Adventure Games Bundle rounds out the Batman/Walking Dead offering with first season of Batman: The Telltale Series, its Shadows Mode, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (the third season), and The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Fun fact: The final season was nearly left incomplete. Telltale Games’ sudden implosion left much of the original team laid off and unable to finish development. A deal was struck with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment to found a new studio: Skybound Games, and fund development of the final two episodes, featuring some (though not all) of the original development staff.

80 Days developer Inkle’s latest game, Heaven’s Vault, is also in the top tier of the bundle. A sci-fi title focused on archaeology, Heaven’s Vault challenges players to decode the language of a dead alien civilization, and form relationships with the locals that might aid in uncovering the story of the ruins under investigation.

The Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle is available until July 28, 2020.

Josh Tolentino
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