The Thanko Foot Plank Is a New, Weird Gaming Accessory in Japan

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On March 11, 2020, Thanko released one of those sorts of unusual products people would expect to see from Japan. It is an item designed for folks who are at a desk, computer, or console most of the day: the Thanko Foot Plank. It essentially is a swinging foot rest with supposed benefits. [Thanks Game Watch!]

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The Thanko Foot Plank is designed for people sit a long time, experience swollen ankles, have leg pain, or just need ta foot rest. It allows people to have feet sway back and forth. The foot rest can be adjusted for different leg heights. Also, it has 360 degrees of motion.

Thanko’s Foot Plank is fairly compact: it measures 21.5 x 18.6 x 15.7 inches. This is so it can be tucked under a desk while someone is at a PC or under the table while a person is playing on a console.

There’s one last step between people and Foot Plank paradise; they will have to do some assembly. Unfortunately, it looks like the Foot Plank doesn’t come pre-assembled out of the box. Thankfully, Thanko includes all the pieces you need in the package to build this tiny swing, including bolts, washers, and a helpful Allen wrench. However, please note that the manual is in Japanese.

Thanko’s Foot Plank retails for ¥4,980 (roughly $47.75) and is available on the official website in the event someone’s feet need a swing.

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