The Touhou Empires Announced for PC, will Release in 2022

The Touhou Empires

Phoenixx and Neetpia have announced The Touhou Empires, a real-time strategy fan game, for PC. It will release sometime in 2022. Alongside this announcement, a gameplay trailer was shared. This includes a look at general gameplay and combat in the real-time strategy title. Players will gather resources to construct buildings and gather an army. Additionally, they will have access to “Spell Cards,” which are extremely powerful attacks to help them in combat. There will also be a story mode.

You can watch the trailer for The Touhou Empires below.

Players will gather resources with fairies to construct various buildings. Several of these buildings were shown in the trailer, along with how players can ultimately construct their forts and raise their individual armies.

As mentioned previously, the title will have a mechanic called “Spell Cards.” This mechanic will allow players to unleash devastating attacks against enemy armies. This is a mechanic somewhat unique to the game. The trailer shows this mechanic being used by a major character as they fight alongside their army.

Alongside a story mode, there will also be an online versus mode. It will support up to six players at a time. More information about the title will appear in the future.

The Touhou Empires is in development and will release for PC through Steam sometime in 2022.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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