The US President Wishes 7th Dragon 2020-II’s Special Forces Good Luck



Sega have introduced two new 7th Dragon 2020-II characters from a special unit forces SECT11. We also got a closer look at the Hacker class and a peek at a mighty dragon that has been wrecking havoc in Tokyo.


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In the year 2020, dragons terrorized the entire world, including the United States. After serving as an assistant for the President of the United States, Emel became the president of the dragon fighting organization, Murakumo. In order to help with the fight against Dragons in Japan, Emel was granted help from a special unit forces, known as SECT11.



Similar to Murakumo, SECT11 consists of talented individuals that have the potential to stand up against Dragons. However, SECT11 have more experience and have proven strategies that were utilized in a great war, which will greatly help their allies on the other side of the Pacific.



The President of the United States is seen wishing SECT11 the best of luck. He also reminds them to not forget their primary objective, which is still unknown.


Shouji Sakuraba

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Brother of fellow SECT11’s Izumi. He is currently the leader of the special forces group. What relation will he have with the main character and Murakumo?


Izumi Sakuraba

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A valuable member of SECT11, along with her brother Shouji. Her philosophy of combat is that power beats everything else. She has an extremely competitive nature, which can cause trouble to Shouji at times.


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Shouji specializes in guns while Izumi is seen using a Katana. It is said that their skills match the abilities of Trickster and Samurai classes of Murakumo.



Here’s Shouji gathering the group to get started on task given by the United States Government. However, it seems as though he has some plans of his own.



Izumi is a citizen of the United States, but her name and personality shows that she has some sort of Japanese background.


In a recent report, we got a brief look at the Hacker class. Here’s a closer look:


Hacker Class

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Hacker class consist of talented youths with an S rank in informational skills. Their main roles are to support allies using their abilities such as heals and buffs. They tend to be huge mecha-enthusiasts.


018 019 020

The ‘Hacking’ ability is the go-to move for Hackers. When used successfully, it can perform powerful attacks such as hacking a laser satellite to shoot a beam for massive damage.


021 022

The ‘TROY’ ability has a wide variety of offensive and supportive uses. For example, an ice attributed TROY can be set on an enemy. After doing an ice based attack to that enemy, the trap will do additional damage. The cure based TROY will cure an ally the moment they take any damage.


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With 14 different appearances and 3 color types, you can make up to 42 different Hacker variations in terms of looks.


The main enemies of 7th Dragon 2020-II are Dragons, but we haven’t seen too many of them yet. Here’s a look at one of the more powerful Dragons, who also happens to be a commander of the scaled beasts.




Tiamat is considered the ‘Emperor Dragon’, as he is several times more powerful than your average Dragons. Using its powerful Crystal Breath ability, it has captured Tokyo’s commercial district, Marunouchi, and made it its own domain.


030 031

The entire area of Marunouchi has become a nesting ground for the Dragons, where you’ll see many different types of their kind spread around the area.


032 033

What was once a bustling shopping district is now in ruins and a dungeon you’ll be exploring in 7th Dragon 2020-II. Recapturing Marunouchi will play a crucial role in saving humanity.


7th Dragon 2020-II will be released on April 18th for PSP.

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