The War Of The Human Tanks Trilogy Will End This Winter

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Publisher Fruitbat Factory has announced that developer Yakiniku Banzai’s third part in its War of the Human Tanks trilogy will be out on Steam this winter.


This final entry in the trilogy is called War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations and takes place 50 years after the Human Tanks were first developed.


It’s noted that no previous knowledge of the other two War of the Human Tanks games is needed in order to enjoy this third one. You can get to know the new characters and play through the 50 strategic, semi real-time battles just fine, whatever your knowledge of the series.


As to the story for Limited Operations, it goes like this:


“The land of Japon has been split in two and thrown into war by two nations, the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon, who use biological weapons known as “Human Tanks” to fight their war. But now the war between these two has turned into a proxy war between the Human Tanks themselves.

Our hero, Yatarou Shirahase, acting as an officer in the Imperial army, is dispatched on a mission to subjugate the Human Tanks. He must now battle an enemy of the same make as his own beloved company of Human Tanks.”


War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations is already available to pre-order on Fruitbat Factory’s website at $9.99. Those who do pre-order will get the game’s Unlimited Version (usually sold for $12.99) which adds the soundtrack, “Sound of the Human Tanks – LO,” at no extra cost.

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