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The “Win Aliens Infestation And Framed Lenticular Artwork” Contest


Since time immemorial (or 1982), companies have been trying to combine the Aliens franchise and video games. Some of these appearances didn’t always give the series the love it deserves, but fortunately WayForward’s Aliens Infestation did a pretty good job.


However, we want to see how you’d combine the two! What we want to see from you is an image that incorporates both Aliens and gaming. We’re pretty open about what that entails. For instance, check out my hastily-cobbled-together example:


Your browser may not support display of this image.

(please try to make yours better than mine)


It’s as simple as that. Just create an image (if it makes us laugh, that’s even better) and email it to us at with the title “Aliens Infestation Contest Entry”.


Our five favorites will win Aliens Infestation and a fancy piece of framed lenticular art that depicts a marine being pounced by a Xenomorph. As a lenticular, the image changes depending on how you look at it. Since Sega are helping us out with this contest, it’s open to all regions.


Entries can be submitted until November 9th. After that date, we’ll pick winners and list them on Siliconera. Good luck, and have fun!