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The Witch And The Hundred Cavalrymen Lets You Create Custom Combos



Nippon Ichi’s next action RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen, stars a little knight named who can carry many different weapons. Players can equip swords, spears, axes, and magic torches in weapon slots to create a custom combo.




Lances can skewer multiple enemies in a straight line, but this weapon has limited horizontal range. The scythe has a wide radius of attack, but its slow. Axes are also a slow weapon with a wide attack. Magic torch is a unique weapon that’s slow, but deals magic damage as a bonus.


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An example combo is stunning an enemy with a magic torch, then follow up with a powerful (but slow) axe strike, and end with a sword combo. The combo you create depends on the order of weapons. The main character also has a Bayonetta style dodge called Mystical Dodge that slows time and makes you invincible if you escape an attack at the last second. Extra chain is another ability that lets you strike another enemy right away if you can defeat an enemy with a single blow.



Instead of dispatching enemies you want to weaken and then eat them. Eating enemies restores Giga Calories and you consume those whenever you’re off on your own away from the witch Metallica. Similar to a roguelike, you will lose all the items you collected if you run out of Giga Calories. So, eating is essential and if you’re full you can store enemies for a future snack with the catch command. If you run out of food and lose your items, head to a local (green) pond. Items can be recovered by playing a fishing mini-game.


In addition to Metallica, you’ll meet Lana Nia Luccinia, a fortune telling shepherd that gazes at the stars to see the future. Lana (who looks half-sheep) is a gentle character living in the highlands and dreams of being a witch. Visco the Inquisitor is determined to catch Metallica, especially after the Swamp Witch cursed her and partially changed her into a dog. She’s often called "Princess Dog" as a nickname. Wonder Kamamiru is a doll, but don’t be fooled by her cute looks. She killed her former owner by stabbing them in the forehead. Now she manages the Wonder Kammer, a collection room.


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The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen comes out on June 28 in Japan.


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