The Witch and the Hundred Knights Are Now Beans


mameque Last week, Nippon Ichi Software revealed MameQue, an app in which you raise bean-shaped creatures called Mamemon. As a bonus, people who register for the game early get a Prinny Mamemon.


Now, NIS is throwing out two more bonus Mamemon modeled after the stars of their newest action-RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Knights. These two Mamemon are named Mametallica and Mamehei.


mametarica mamehei

To get these Mamemon, enter the app and copy the codes from the MameQue website by August 19. Along with the seeds that will sprout into these Mamemon, you can also get seeds for two accessories, the Kakarima Broom and the Star Fragment Sword.

Screenshot - 2013_07_25 , 13_13_47 Screenshot - 2013_07_25 , 13_14_28

MameQue will be available for iOS devices in Japan sometime this summer, whereas The Witch and the Hundred Knights is available in Japan now.