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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Shows Off An Old School Famicom DLC Track


Square Enix recently announced that Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will have free downloadable songs, and to commemorate the occasion of its demo going live, producer Ichiro Hazama got together with V-Jump to show off the “Famicom DLC” for the game. 

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The video starts out with the two joking about how they only have one set of earplugs, so they have to settle with awkwardly sharing a pair between the two, like a couple. The footage starts at the 1:57 mark of the video.


The very first song they decide to go with is a Famicom version of the track “Into the Legend” from Dragon Quest III. The background in the song shows a look at the Famicom version of the game as well.


Hazama explains how rhythm games can be seen as difficult titles by some people, but he promises that he made it so that even people like V-Jump host Saito-V, who aren’t that great at rhythm games, can easily play it with little difficulty.


While Saito-V jokingly says that the reason he can’t do too well is because he can only hear half of it with one earplug, Hazama points out that it seems like he’s not having too rough of a time if he’s able to play while casually having a conversation.

Next, at 9:00, Hazama gives it a shot with Dragon Quest V’s battle music “Violent Enemies”. Saito-V wanted him to do it in its most difficult setting, but Hazama said that it’d be a shame if the viewers can’t see it until the end if he somehow failed.


In the end, they settled by using the “Simple Mode,” which allows you to play through a song by pressing any button, rather than having to worry about pressing specific buttons or directional arrows.


Hazama ends up getting a C-rank score, but he says that was only because he had to speak during the demonstration, and that it’s okay, because he’s still better than Saito-V.


Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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