There’s A Kung Fury Game So You, Too, Can Take Down The Kung Führer



After being Kickstarted, the over-the-top ‘80s action comedy Kung Fury was recently unleashed on to the internet as a 30-minute fireball of head explosions and laser raptors. Now, there’s also a videogame based on the film called Kung Fury: Street Rage.


It has you playing as the film’s martial arts master and renegade cop Kung Fury as he travels back in time to beat up the Nazis including, yes the Kung Führer – that’s Hitler himself, of course. And,it’s all made to look like you’re playing it on a low-fi arcade monitor from the 1980s.



It plays like One Finger Death Punch, meaning that you only have to press left and right to throw punches and kicks at your opponents as they enter from the sides of the screen. As simple as that may sound, it’s a game that requires precise timing to pull off a string of combos. If you take damage three times then the game is over.


You can purchase Kung Fury: Street Rage for $1.99 on Steam. It’s also available to download for free on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Chris Priestman