There’s A Salad Fingers Game On The Way And It Looks Suitably Creepy



David Firth’s animated series Salad Fingers has become widely known as one of the creepiest and strangest things you can find on the internet. You’ve probably seen it: there’s a green guy with long, curly fingers who lives in a post-war wasteland and has a fetish for metal rust and the red water (blood).


The first episode was released back in 2004 and its popularity has more or less stayed the same since then. So it’s perhaps not too much of a surprise that there’s a Salad Fingers game being made.


While Salad Fingers: Where’s May Gone may not be the first fan-made Salad Fingers game it seems to be the first one that has the blessing of David Firth. In fact, Firth would have worked on it with the game’s creators but doesn’t have the time. So, instead, he offered some of his Flash asset libraries for the creators to use and will be taking royalties.


464648533_preview_sfhouse download

The game itself is to be a three-part point-and-click adventure that has you playing as another survivor of “The Great War” as you awake from a coma. It turns out that Salad Fingers is holding you captive in his house so you need to escape as well as find your missing daughter May. There are puzzles to solve and some of the events and characters from across the Salad Fingers episodes will turn up too.


You can vote for Salad Fingers: Where’s May Gone on Steam Greenlight. It should be coming to Windows, iOS, and Android once finished.

Chris Priestman