There’s An Entire Forest And Mountain Outside Shizen Town In Doraemon: Story of Seasons

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Bandai Namco has updated the official website of Doraemon: Story of Seasons with various images of Shizen Town’s various facilities and shops, as well as town maps of where everything is.


In the first screenshot we see the outskirts of town, where the Nobita’s farm can be seen, right next to the carpenter’s and the town plaza. By the sea is the fishing shop.




The carpenter’s is run by Penta (CV: Masaki Terasoma), the quiet owner who is nontheless an expert at his craft. You can also find Gian helping out here. The carpenter’s is where you upgrade your house and farm facilities, as well as make furniture and the like.


Fishing Shop


The fishing shop is run by Seafy, and she’ll sell you fishing rods and bait, as well as teach you how to fish in general.




In the plaza, a stage is erected during festival days where various events are held, such as contests and the Harvest Festival where everyone contributes to the stew.


East Shizen Town

shizen town 4

The town centre on the east is where the Mayor’s house, general store, smithy, hospital, and restaurant are found.


Mayor’s House


At the Mayor’s house, you’ll find Doraemon helping out Mayor Yamei with various lists, including the vegetables you’ve grown and animals raised, as well as what sorts of bugs and fish you’ve caught. There’s also a What-If Box that Nobita can use to relive experiences and try out different choices during events.


General Store

general store

At the general store ‘Knickknack’  you can buy anything… generally, such as seeds, fertilizer, bug nets, rucksacks, etc., and their stock will change depending on the season.




The town’s big restaurant is run by Chef Lester (CV: Toshiharu Sakurai), a big man who makes the best food, eats the most food and is also the quickest at it (including his customers’ food sometimes), and Toran (CV: Fujiko Takimoto), his wife who works alongside him. She’s a very well-mannered lady and everyone doesn’t know what she sees in Lester.

At the restaurant you can buy food and ingredients, as well as buy cooking utensils and recipes, if that weren’t enough. Suneo can be found helping out with odd jobs around the restaurant.




The hospital is where Nobita will find himself if he stays up all the way until 6am the next day and collapses. You can also buy medicine that can restore stamina, as well as animal medicine.

The hospital is run by Rokod (CV: Shinichiro Miki), a laid-back looking doctor who prioritizes the health of the citizens above his own, but isn’t the sharpest guy in terms of social interactions. He’s helped by Serena (CV: Yuu Wakui), a nurse who moved from the big hospital a town over in order to do her best for the smaller Shizen Town. Shizuka is also helping out here.




The smithy is where you’ll be able to upgrade your farming tools with different ores. The father and son working here will also teach you how to use your pickaxe to uncover fossils in the mine near town.


West Shizen Town

shizen town 3

A more natural area where you can find Ranch and his grandma, the animal ranch, and poultry farm.


Animal Ranch


The animal ranch is run by the elderly couple Blu (CV: Tadashi Miyazawa) and Yuu (CV: Junko Midori) who are sleepy and relaxed in general. Blu has a habit of napping but still keeps an ear out for any trouble. Yuu is fond of animals, and together they take care of their grandchild Ram (CV: Ayane Sakura), a girl who can speak to animals, and also teaches Nobita how to care for them.

Apart from rearing tips, you can also buy animals like sheep and cows, as well as the feed and brushes and whatnot needed to take proper care of them.


Poultry Farm


At the poultry farm, you can buy chickens and the goods needed to take care of them, so that they will lay eggs. You can also get tips for bug catching from the owner’s sons.


Ranch’s House

ranch 2

Ranch is the first person you meet in Shizen Town, and he’s now living with his grandma to better take care of her. That said, he’ll give out farming tips whenever you need it.


Just outside Shizen Town…

shizen town 1

While so far Shizen Town has been introduced, there is in various areas just outside town where Nobita and his friends will be able to explore.


Doraemon Story of Seasons will be released in Japan on June 13, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. It will come to the Nintendo Switch in Asia and South Korea in Summer 2019. It will come to the PC in Asia and South Korea and both the Nintendo Switch and PC in North America and Europe in Fall 2019. Check out some of the secret gadgets and how to use them here.

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