PlayStation 3

Ack! There’s A Bug In My Sengoku Basara 4




Somebody! ANYBODY! Get out the bug spray before that crazy b— AARGGHH!


In the latest promotional blood-spattered video for Sengoku Basara 4 we get to see a bevy of characters and the special moves they can unleash, including the aforementioned bug-like man Hideaki Kobayakawa—who apparently is actually wielding a freakin’ saucepan and other equally crazy and only-in-Basara characters.


It’s a five minute long slugfest, and should help new players understand that you don’t need to be a combo-mastering god to be able to pull off some of the fantastic moves available to characters in this game.


I do enjoy how Sengoku Basara isn’t afraid to take its “What if” scenarios and run, screaming, possibly buck naked, with them to the bitter end. I mean, if Date Masamune can wield six katana’s at once and ride a steampunk-inspired horse with motorbike handlebars why the hell can’t we have completely impossible situations like “Is she dead, or not?” Oichi or “I can totally transform into my deer pal and use him as a yoyo for all you soldiers” Yamanaka Shikanosuke. It looks like he’ll be pretty easy to master too!


Sengoku Basara 4 will be available for PlayStation 3 on January 23, 2014.